Where do I start? Well before I do, I would like to ask any Dunn Family members or anyone else for that matter, that read this to please help me and the web site by providing me with material to add to these pages.

The John Dunn journey started many years ago for me. Growing up we always had heard of the name and the fact that we were related to him was shared, but we were never told very much more than that.

My first contact was way back in 1980 when I was home on military leave one weekend. My mom approached me and asked me to drive her to a funeral up in Zululand. I cannot even remember who had passed on, but I agreed to do the taxi bit and drive her.

On arrival, there were loads of people of all races. Very much out numbered by Africans, everyone addressing each other as "aunty" this or "uncle" that. This, I took as a sign of respect, as all children in South Africa were taught to call anyone your elder by the formality of either uncle of aunty. (Well white kids are taught that, even more so if you were brought up in an Afrikaans family, but then it is "oom" and "tant"). I don't remember much about the visit, a little about the drive from the N2 to the house and all the people at the tea gathering after the funeral. I remember the right turn up a sandy road up a steep hill past a radio antenna mast, then a very windy sand road up to a farm house amongst the sugar cane fields. I knew a little about the area as I had in the previous years boxed in Mandini and Empangeni.

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